A new journey

03/28/2018 - 1 minute read

“It was not easy to choose between the wonderful dancers who participated in the audition, very intense and very inspiring days for me, I thank you all. But today it is a pleasure for me to present the cast that forms my new production “Gabbatha” which will be staged at IDACO nyc – Italian DAnce COnnection on 25 May 2015.

Naturally, besides the supporting column of Elisabetta Minutoli, it is a great joy for me to share once again an artistic experience with Nikki Holck and for the first time with dancers of great eclecticism and artistic maturity such as Cecilia FontanesiMichael Wright and Quilan Cue Arnold.
I am happy to have Harrison K Holmes next to me after his training at VIVO Ballet in Rome.
Dancers of undoubted talent and a strong tendency to contamination like Kristina DesjardinsTheresa FerversJi Hyun Kim ad Luca Renzi Smith, are flanked by the emerging as Isabele RossoGiuli BertoyaFacu Ebenegger and Siddharth Dutta.

After a long period of pruning and study I return to the vision that most belongs to me in the artistic field, that of the coexistence of styles. In this cast I have the opportunity to coexist Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Martial Arts and Theater all set by artists of great sensitivity.
Thank you for the confidence you give me. Let’s start the journey”

VIVO Ballet Artistic Director